Muslim (alleged) terror suspect poster boy is busted again

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Muslim nut poster boy 23-year old Mohammed Abdul Kahar,one of the two brothers who were taken away from a raid in a house in Lansdown Road, Forest Gate in east London on June 2 has been busted again,this time in connection with child pornography.


Not only is the slimey s**t a possible pedo,but his whole family are tax leeches,picking the public purse for thousands.

“They are being housed in a nice Holiday Inn at King’s Cross. The charges work out at £30,000 ($56,243) per month, not including the additional expenses for “extras”. These include clothing allowance (£200 or $377), “contingencies and financial commitments” (£10,000 or $18,856), as well as taxi fares for family members to go to counseling sessions, boarding fees for their cat Tommy (who has fortunately been found) and fees for removal and storage of their belongings”.

(Quote Western


Scots find NEW victims to bash

July 20, 2006 at 6:52 pm | Posted in Crime, Scotland | 1 Comment

It would appear that,the Scots,now bored with beating up the English,have now turned their bloodlust on the Pink posse.

The Scottish Executive is facing pressure to make homophobia a hate crime after new figures reveal a significant rise in anti-gay attacks.
Is there anyone they won’t beat up?

Charles Clarke is officially a Fat Twat

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Britain admitted on Tuesday it had freed over 1,000 foreign prisoners who should have been considered for deportation, including rapists and murderers, in a big embarrassment for Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government.

The Home Office said that over the last seven years, 1,023 criminals who should have been considered for deportation at the end of their sentences had simply been released.

They included three murderers, nine rapists, two guilty of manslaughter and 12 of sex offences of whom five were pedophiles.

The Home Office said it did not have any figures on whether any of them had reoffended.

Bloody F-ing marvellous,tough on crime,tough on the causes of crime,unless of course you are a foreign national,then go ahead rape,kill,maime,we don’t give a s**t according to the bumbling morons who masqurade as people even semi aware of how to do their jobs.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke said he sincerely apologized for the mistake.

“It is clear that there has been a failure on our part to deal with all the cases we could have,” Clarke told reporters.

“I think one should be candid with failure. I don’t intend to resign on this matter.”

So this tosser isn’t prepared to resign over the fact that he is inept,what planet is this,have I just stepped of the stupid train or what!!,allowing 1,023 unacounted for prisoners the freedom to kill you or me is bloody F-ing a damn good reason for this fat ass wipe to be kicked out,and get someone in with the balls to clean this up!!.

Make up your own mind by reading SKY




All basically saying Charles Clarke is a bumbling twat.

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