Kick Boxing comp fails it’s O level Geography

August 22, 2006 at 11:32 am | Posted in England, Kick Boxing, Sport, st George | 1 Comment

Whilst minding my own business yesterday walking into work I spotted THIS


Can you see it?

“What do you mean NO!”

The morons who are promoting this Kickboxing comp,couldn’t pass a geography test to save their life.

Notice the TWO ERRORS ,firstly,the guy Barinder Singh,is from Leicester,which unsurprisingly is in…Ladies and Gents?



The guy is from England perhaps getting his National Flag RIGHT might of been an idea!,the fella needs a St George over his shoulder you dumb s**ts.

Secondly the chap Stuart Jess is stated to be from Belfast,Ireland ?

Belfast isn’t in Ireland,it’s Northern Ireland, dumb ass,yet they DO get his flag right,so that’s something.

See the poster below


England is misrepresented everywhere,by morons who can’t find the end of the street let alone England on a map,there is a link to this event at Leicester Kickboxing



England 4 Greece 0

August 17, 2006 at 2:48 pm | Posted in England, Football, Sport, st George | Leave a comment

How about that!,I must admit to being pleasantly surprised,bye bye Sven,don’t come back!!

Watch the Goals,plus interviews now

It's odd not having that "oh well never mind" feeling.

Plus respect to the person who put this on YouTube...CHEERS

The “English” penny seems to be dropping

July 25, 2006 at 6:15 pm | Posted in England, st George | Leave a comment

I went to Cromford in Derbyshire today to have a look around as one does,and to my surprise,I was greeted by TWO unexpected sights,one of which was VERY VERY!! surprising indeed.

I came upon this meat delivery lorry parked up,and was amazed to read what it had emblazoned on it.



Still can’t seem to buy it in the shops though!!!!!

The next very encouraging sign that WE ENGLISH,are finally getting the message(at last)was the Cromford Community centre,which still has the English flag up,even though no sport is on GOOD JOB.

So this is a good sign?

The penny is finally dropping,that we English do indeed live on a rock called England,one Country not some collection of nobody regions.

That said,Leicestershire is still a no flag zone,at least here it is,since the footie was off,the flags have all gone,we here have all renewed our English persons anonymous subscription,but time will tell, and hopefully, the Cromford effect will speed things along.

A little bit of youtube is forever England

July 17, 2006 at 4:21 pm | Posted in England, st George, YouTube | Leave a comment

Yes we have made a little corner of the youtube galaxy forever England,and to start it off I have put my England Flag video on BELOW

Nice,they'll never get this down,come rain or sleet or shine,my youtube flag is always flying 365 days a year.

Two sides of the same coin

June 21, 2006 at 7:19 pm | Posted in England, Equal opportunities, police, Politics, Racism, Scotland, Sport, st George, World Cup | Leave a comment

So,like Mystic Meg on a good day, this lifting of the vail from the face of Scotland's bigotry was reported just two days ago HERE,the vicious and unprovoked attacks on the English,or at least the reported ones,have exposed Scotland's fangs,and just reinforced the general view of the thinking English, that your average Scot is a bitter thug,just waiting for an excuse to hit out,to try and lighten the load of that chip that many carry like Jacob Marley,dragging his chains.

Prime Minister Tony Blair(SCOT) has condemned attacks on a seven-year-old boy and 41-year-old man who were wearing England shirts in Scotland.

This News item shocked me when I returned from work,the individuals involved are the lowest kind,READ IT HERE.

Idiots-any idiots whether Scottish or not cannot seriously consider this behaviour as anything other than cowardly,moronic,pathetic and childish.

"it didn't take long for the verbal abuse to start.

"Get back to where you come from, you Sassenach,"(English person)

"I was stunned when a lone pensioner walked towards me and waited until he was level before muttering "English bastard" in my ear".

This childish hitting out at a perceived enemy is also highlighted HERE,with a blatant case of Flag burning.

Sadly this anti English racism is an ever more visible trend,not just in Scotland but also in Wales.

So much for the media stereotype that the English are the problem,in this World we have the two sides of the same coin reflecting back at each other.

In England itself we have to be very aware that we live amongst many Nationalities,not just English,and as such largely get on with whomever,beating someone up for wearing a Scotland shirt is unthinkable,plus the guy would probably be English anyway,it is just not going to happen,we see so many different team colours all year round you take little notice.

This however is not the case in Scotland,which is still largely untouched by mass immigration and as such is still largely a monoculture of whites who identify strongly with just THEIR CULTURE and object to seeing anything else bar Scottishness,so where as a Scot can live anonymously in England,an English person in Scotland paints a target on their head,saying "I'm different come get me"

Blair limbers up his crocodile smile

June 11, 2006 at 10:14 pm | Posted in England, Football, Humour (English), Politics, Scotland, st George, World Cup | Leave a comment

I am not about to be popular,but I consider the prospect of a Scotsman who represents Britain,suddenly deciding to fly the flag of a Nation he cares nothing for to be utterly repugnant.

As seen HERE,and HERE,and I myself have already indicated my displeasure HERE,and HERE, Tony I'm Scottish Blair is reportedly to fly the English flag all of a sudden from No10 when the footie is on, is it just me or does this image belt out mixed messages like CO2 emissions.

So for all of you "I don't know what your on about" types I will elaborate

Tony Blair is the Prime Minister of Britain not of England,he is Prime Minister of Northern Ireland,Wales,England and Scotland,so to indicate by action or opinion in favour of one Country over another is an act of supreme misconduct,as he should be totally impartial and NOT A FLAG WAVER.

Another very very very important fact is that as I and everyone else has repeated ad nauseam before and will do again and again, Tony Blair is Scottish NOT English,and as such has no interest in even the spelling of England other than how he can jerk off the English voters with a quickie flag waving shandy,this I suddenly care deeply about ("where is it again") "England Prime Minister" "oh yes" is a pantomime act for the news media.

For a foreign Scot to be prepared to lower himself,lower than the lowest common denominator for a vote has crippled Blairs credibility irrevocably, as a Statesman of Britain for changing sides when convenient,as a Scot in Scotland for waving Englands flag not his own,and in England he is seen as nothing more than a Scottish sycophant blatantly dancing a popular tune for votes.

It is also very damaging for England because the World is full of idiots who think England means Britain(dumb jerks)but this stupid ill informed rubbish could be confused further when overseas people see a British PM who is Scottish playing with the concept of England!!.

Fortunately I am not alone in my utter disgust for such a spectacle of a Scot playing dress up as an Englishman till the footies over with.

I very much doubt if the flying of the St George flag on No. 10 is for genuine reasons. Blair is probably thinking about votes not goals, if he were to offend thousands of football fans.

Typical Blair! This is another of his "people's Princess" moments and has absolutely nothing to do with showing support for the England football team but is purely about him ingratiating himself with the public in an attempt to reverse adverse publicity and to restore even a little of the credibility and reputation he has so deservedly lost. How cringingly disgusting!

What a blatant piece of pandering

Exactly how would Blair have played it – had there been more than one country within the United Kingdowm in the final stages – or even meeting in the same match? Will Downing Street be putting out the appropriate home nation flag for every match in which we have a player?

Bliar isn't flying the Cross of St George for genuine reasons – he's Scottish, why would he? He doesn't even acknowledge the existence of the English nation so he certainly won't be supporting the English football team.

Quotes taken from the Telegraph

The recent sight in one of the papers of Blair receiving an England shirt with his name on is the last nail in his PM coffin,the English don't want him,his own people of Scotland don't want him,the Welsh couldn't give a s**t about him and the Irish don't give a monkeys either,so what is a washed up old ex PM to do quite soon,join the Foreign Legion perhaps?.

Minister is an excellent example to others

June 9, 2006 at 4:53 pm | Posted in England, Equal opportunities, Football, Politics, Scotland, st George, World Cup | Leave a comment

According to Northwing and also thanks to the CEP, HERE,a seismic shift in public perception has taken root,with regards to the wider populous acceptance of England's National flag,with the pivotal momentum being that of sport in general,Football being the big boy catalyst,with the Ashes win and the Rugby World Cup win,fueling the identity solidification,with England's National flag at the centre,every step of the way.

I for one welcome this new found freedom and would like to see it extend beyond the brief couple of weeks every few years or so,to being slightly less in your face but visible 365 days a year to mirror places such as the US where flying the flag is almost every Americans duty and to not do so is seen as fundamentally unpatriotic.

If you choose to live in any Country you should be willing to accept the fact that you will at some point see a National flag somewhere down the line,to expect a whole Nation to hide indoors just to please YOU is bonkers.

Last Nights Question Time was one such example of how England and Englishness is becoming as natural as fresh air and sunshine,it is an accepted fact and enjoyed by millions who live in England whether by birth or otherwise.

To watch last night programme you can by clicking HERE

The main hero of this programme was the Culture Minister David Lammy a minister at the department of Culture, Media and Sport,granted I had never heard of him before, but who cares if he is a good lad.

I have watched the Question Time Show and the issue of England and flags comes up at approx 42 minutes in,at approx 45 minutes in Liam Fox(Scotsman) backs down from answering whether he may fly England's flag,instead blurting out some party line guff about how we should ALL be British,at approx 47 minutes in a sad lonely guy who must live in a cave somewhere a Sir Max Hastings made some flabbergasting tripe comments about how he thinks we should all fly the British flag,and how distasteful all this English,Welsh,Scottishness is,clearly he should be pitied and then laughed out of town,WHAT A T**T.

Right now though,today, we are in the whirlwind of the short lived fever that is Englishness,all the flags the bunting the footy merchandise,all of it will be gone in a frenzied flash the second England are knocked out,binned untill the next time,leaving England a patriotism free zone once again,Englishness at this point in time,at least as far as the media,retail and the UK Government is concerned,is a temporary thing,one they just have to ride out till,"England are out,they are out of the World Cup", to quote that famous line "they think it's all over it is now"

We know that once this happens the Welsh and Scots will do their worst,we know that,but at least we can say WE WERE THERE YOU WEREN'T.

We in England have 1966,why is it WE never seem to hear about the Scots and 1967 when they beat England 3-2 at Wembley to become unofficial World Champions ?

You can even buy this game on DVD from Amazon ,how good am I to you!,don't say I never give you anything.

Joseph Harker is making a mockery of integration

May 20, 2006 at 10:11 pm | Posted in England, st George, World Cup | 1 Comment

Over the last couple of days this guy has gone from a nobody to public dickhead of the week,by openly criticising the Country he lives in.

The article in question Flutters of anxiety,in it he slams his own career self destruct button by slagging off Every English person in the land.

Here is a man who supports Brazil and by his own words has nothing whatsoever in common with England,yet still insists on living here ?

On doing a web search for this thoroughly unpleasant man and reading the eye watering fantasy land he lives in I must admit to getting quite angry and as such will not print my annoyance for public display at this time.

So you can uncover for yourself this delusional Black man who considers making sweeping racist statements against whites as perfectly fine,and would appear to not realise that he is indeed a far worse kind of hypocrite,read his list of articles and figure out for yourself how such a miss informed racist bigot can be a paid newspaper writer ?

This man is a very very dangerous fool who should be made to apologise to England.

Here we go,yeah,yeah,whatever you say

May 20, 2006 at 6:49 pm | Posted in England, Political Correctness, st George, World Cup | Leave a comment

Yes so the World Cup is coming and everybody knows it,so,whats the problem ?

The usual crappy two line news items about blinkered anti English councils fill up valuable news space AGAIN

Local Government bodies who waste tax payers money trying to make us pretend we don’t live in England make me sick.

News flash – bigoted fool comes clean

May 19, 2006 at 5:14 pm | Posted in England, Humour (English), st George, World Cup | 1 Comment

Thanks to The England Project,and WENAP,I can bring this stupid prat to the attention of the popular opinion firing squad.

The knuckle dragging twat in question is a Joseph Harker a so called columnist,the poor dear is having Flutters of anxiety,because he lives in England and people he sees are busy being patriotic for a few weeks during the football.

He says

Is it just me, or is anyone else slightly worried about the number of St George's flags flying from road vehicles right now?

eeerrr yes it is JUST YOU,your an idiot who should stay silent with your Nazi views of what English people can or cannot do in England,go and bother those oh so NOT PATRIOTIC Americans with your vacuous twaddle and see their response.

Oh the aaagggooonnnyyy of living in England and seeing the English National flag in the open without police protection,how his life is sooo hard,how can he go on living,seeing a flag in a street or on someones car or clothing must be a daily terror,he holds on to his sanity only by hiding under the table in the dark,hoping upon hope that he never ever has to travel to a foreign Country and be confronted by a flag,oh the mental torment.

This man is an ignorant bigoted fool of the most uninformed type and should be utterly ignored.

Just a quickie to all those overseas bloggers,if some nitwit wrote a similar article about YOUR COUNTRY,how would YOU feel ?

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