Left Handers are the Best – it’s Official

March 29, 2006 at 6:04 pm | Posted in Equal opportunities, Left Handed | 1 Comment

Finally something I’ve known all my life is the norm,and that is – being Left Handed Rocks,kicks butt,is the bees knees,we few,we gallant lucky few, bare the slings and arrows of societies bigotry to finally KICK ASS.

The Daily Mail did an item on it today

Click the picture link to find out more

left handed newspaper item.jpg

So the World is waking up to SouthPaw greatness,as a card carrying flag waver for the cause,I am unapologetic in my heart felt chest puffed out jumping up and down support for Left Handers and the social issues that blinkered generations have forced on us,I had issues of people crying about it at school,but they got told to stick it,I made damn sure I was noticed and was good at Sport which gave me a platform to stick two fingers up at whiners.

I have quite literally bought the T-shirt too,from the Left Handers store in London so there.


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