Unsolved Mysteries are on the Case

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I had thought about this on and off for a while but never really got round to it as I have posted on this before.



but reading a fellow blogger Waking Hereward tonight raving about it got my juices up.

I'm a cynic by nature and the mysteries of existence are a Sci Fi channel midnight feast.

So to my Scooby Doo script-the one I prepared earlier ,as all good BP stories go!!

ENGLISH MEAT- fact or fiction,was the Alien Autopsy really a cover up about the existence of English Meat ?.

Was Roswell the crash site of a lorry carrying meat with an English St George flag on it ?

Is area 51 the only place in the World that an English Cow can be found ?

Does Elvira know the truth about meat not from Scotland,Wales,UK or Ireland,the mystery deepens ?

One reported sighting on a website in a domain far far away is EBLEXThe English Beef and Lamb Executive


On Eblex the mysteries of existence are explained in plain English about how Meat can only be called English if it's from England- so a no brainer there.

There are also some very funny ads to watch openly promoting English-not UK,English Meat

See Beefy and Lamby


Beefy and Lamby even have a bit on St George


So why is it that EBLEX would appear at least within the confines of their own website to really kick ass,but in reality their public profile is next to nil,no one knows about them,why ?

In the ads the English flag is pushed right up close to the viewer so there is NO mistaking the flag-yes England,so with such a cool bit of advertising,why is it still next to impossible to actually buy EBLEX meat ?

If it's so great where does it all go-can Scooby find it?-only for a Scooby snack !!

I have looked everywhere for EBLEX meat and have found exactly Zero,the only in store ads I have seem is for EBLEX's UK meat,so that's no good to me,I don't want Scottish meat thanks.

CAN ANYBODY IN ENGLAND PLEEEEASE find a genuine example of EBLEX english meat and let me know,because at this rate Nessie will be on the 6 o'clock news before this.



Webshots and Virtual Tourist.com

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So-you me and the dog use the net for many things,blogging is but a piece of the whole pie

I am keen on photography and have used Webshots.com for several years now and can recommend it completely for photography types.


For those of us who like our holidays,checking up on real person reviews of hotels,and just about anything for your chosen destination,I really like Virtualtourist.com and would again recommend it to anyone who likes a no nonsense opinion,to use it.


The views contained in this post are purely personal.

Naff Footy Merchandise for World Cup

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Have just come across this must have purchase for the discerning England footy fan.

A Bottle Babe !!

Click the picture link to find out

naff england item.jpg
Thoroughly pointless and blatantly tasteless,but I'm sure a must have for someone.

If you simply must have one read about it in full below.


That Explains a Lot

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Just flicking through the Jobs when a stupid item caught my eye

anti social moody arrogant.jpg

That explains a lot,I never realised I was so talented !!.

The London Underground Bend Over and Take a Good One

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I've been good,I've been very very good,all those Drama Queen Muslim stories I've Ignored because there are so many of them,wa,wa,wa,I want to maim and kill,but I want my Human Rights too routine is BORING to the core,but I'm weakening, Muslim overload,one too many stories OH GOODNESS.

Yes ok….overkill perhaps,but living in the Midlands,tripping over whiney Muslims is an everyday event.

Today according to the BBC The London Underground has refused to display promotional material for a new TV show incase it offends Muslims.(yawn)



Oh dear, the poor things will all need a sit down with a hot milky cocoa after seeing that,it's such a hard life being part of such a humane religion,just a quick pat on the head and a "there,there is that better now"

Such a shame no one cares enough not to insult the English,but then-we don't blow shit up.

Left Handers are the Best – it’s Official

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Finally something I’ve known all my life is the norm,and that is – being Left Handed Rocks,kicks butt,is the bees knees,we few,we gallant lucky few, bare the slings and arrows of societies bigotry to finally KICK ASS.

The Daily Mail did an item on it today

Click the picture link to find out more

left handed newspaper item.jpg

So the World is waking up to SouthPaw greatness,as a card carrying flag waver for the cause,I am unapologetic in my heart felt chest puffed out jumping up and down support for Left Handers and the social issues that blinkered generations have forced on us,I had issues of people crying about it at school,but they got told to stick it,I made damn sure I was noticed and was good at Sport which gave me a platform to stick two fingers up at whiners.

I have quite literally bought the T-shirt too,from the Left Handers store in London so there.

Cry Tesco and Let Slip the Dogs of War

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The Tesco butt F**king continues with the open admission that Tesco are one step away from being card carrying racists.

a fellow English Blogger Wonko has FULL CREDIT for this Post,I am merely reprinting it for your enjoyment.


Wonko writes

Just had this oh so familiar reply from Tesco …

Thank you for your email.

We do not place the English flag on "English" produce because we have what we term generic core lines.

As Tesco view Scotland & Wales as "Regions" for the purposes of merchandising and to ensure we give the customers in these areas exactly what they expect and want (i.e. Welsh & Scottish people have loyalty to their own products), we like them to know that the products they are purchasing are from their own areas/countries hence the reason for the flag.

As I am sure customers can appreciate, it is more difficult to do this because of the sheer size and complexity of areas in England.

We did several years ago have the St. George Flag on produce, however from customer feedback the Union Jack flag was more recognised therefore we decided to use this.

Where a Union Jack flag is on the packaging we are now adding the County.

I hope this information has reassured you and goes some way towards clarifying our position.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at customer.service@tesco.co.uk quoting TES1979747X.

Kind Regards

Laura Pollock
Tesco Customer Service

Sorry love, should have done some research yourself. I'm not your average punter griping about something and nor am I gulible enough to accept a shitty copy & pasted response and forget all about it.

Dear "Laura",

Please don't insult me with this copy & pasted standard response. I haven't contact you on a whim to complain – I did my research and spoke to other people who feel the same way. I have also now seen this same email word for word four times.

If you value me as a customer as much as you claim to why do you insult my intelligence with this claptrap?

Funny how England isn't too big to market as a single entity when you peddle England supporters kits during big football events like the World Cup. I gather you also plan to mark St Georges Day in store – will that be on a regional basis or England as a whole? Your explanation is absolute tosh and you know it.

England is a single nation, the only regions of England are those imposed by politicians who haven't lived in the real world that they wouldn't know how much a pint of milk costs or who Tracey Barlow is shacking up with on Coronation Street if their lives depended on it. It looks like the directors of Tesco need to come down from their ivory towers and start asking real people what they want.

Scotland is a nation of 5 million people, the indigenous population comprising two distinct genetic groups. How do you market things differently to Highland and Lowland Scots? They aren't just form a different part of Scotland, they are genetically different from each other. Do you market the Shetland Islands in the same way as, say, Glasgow? Surely they want different things being at opposite ends of the country and being completely different (culturally and genetically) from each other?

You say you changed the English flag to the British flag for English produce a few years ago – wasn't England too big to market then? To my knowledge it hasn't gotten any bigger recently. In fact, what with erosion of the coastlines it's a bit smaller now than it was this time last year. Have you had a look around to see what flags people have on their car number plates, flying from their homes, hanging from their rear view mirrors? Have you watched a football or rugby match in the last few years? When was the last time you saw an English person waving a Union Flag?

Your email and your attitude are a disgrace. I was offended before but I am doubly so now. I have shopped at Tesco for years and recommended it to friends and family. Not any more. My clubcard will be in the post in the next few days and to be frank, you can shove it where the sun doesn't shine (and I don't mean Finland).

From now on I will put off as many people from shopping at Tesco as I possibly can. Asda and Somerfield are evidently capable of marketing England as a single entity as they seem to manage to put the English flag on English produce. I'll take my custom to a supermarket that acknowledges the existence of my country and doesn't treat their customers with contempt.

Please feel free to send your own email to Tesco quoting the same reference number that they gave me and let them know that their pathetic attempt to fob us off isn't going to work.

Wow what can I say he really gave it to that idiot Women.

Friends Reunited

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The Friends Reunited website

I kind of knew about this site before but have never really bothered with it,but a chance conversation yesterday got me thinking ?

I wonder if so and so is listed ?

So we looked,and they were,I am kind of sad and annoyed and happy and sort of ?

Good memories,bad ones,ones you'd like to forget,and glad that you've forgot plenty too.

So I put myself on there as you do,and I dare say that in 6 months when I check back there no one would of seen my profile,but I know it's there.

Tuition Fees

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Students in England know all about them,WHY ?

Because YOU pay for Scottish,Welsh and anybody else for that matter to have FREE EDUCATION

English students bankroll everyone else FACT

Are you seriously happy that you get ripped of by the Raj yet your mate Jock,gets a free ride all courtesy of YOU





English students have a duty to themselves and future English students to get tuition fees scrapped.

The EveryMan Mens Cancer Campaign

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Today I noticed ASDA have finally pulled their finger out actually supporting a Mens Cancer issue for once.

Click on the leaflet link to read the Everyman info

asda everyman campaign.jpg

This is one of MY OWN personal Campaigns,that Men's health in the scheme of things does not even come second or third or fourth,it
comes way down on the list of priorities to health providers,charity fundraising
and in the wider public perception of what cancer is outside of Breast
Cancer,and most noticeably the fact that The Everyman Campaign IS FOR MEN not Women !!!.

The public profile of Male focused health issues is small, for me way too small but Testicular and Prostate Cancer needs your support whether you are a Man or a Women,Cancer irrespective of gender needs beating.









So over the next few days checkout your local retailers for the Everyman Cancer Campaign info,if you can't find it ASK WHY ?.

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