No ones fat in Scotland or Wales then?

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According to the BBC,the UK Government is sticking it’s nose into only England’s health!,(like we need a load more Scottish people telling us about issues in ENGLAND that don’t concern them!)

Anyway,they report that England will have 13 million overweight persons by 2010,the UK Government are quoted as saying.

“We are intervening and helping to make a difference, but we want today’s figures to act as a stark reminder of the problem we and our children will face if we don’t act now and start making healthier lifestyle choices.”

Hold on a minute buckaroo,we and our children?

So let me get this straight,a bunch of foreigners from Scotland,Wales,Ireland and elsewhere,who are supposed to run the UK,ie Scotland,Wales,England and NI want to pester only English kids?

how does that make only English kids OUR CHILDREN,

Is there not a stark reminder of a problem for plump kiddies in Scotland?…..NO,well how about Wales then,how are rounder children going to cope in Wales without UK Gov interference?

Why is the UK Government making rules up for us, but appear blind to what should be their responsibility to ALL children in the UK!!

Given practically all UK Gov Ministers are Scottish, you have to wonder why it’s any of their damn business ordering ONLY ENGLISH KIDS AROUND.

To add salt to this open case of dictatorship to only them damn English scum,the UK Gov have appointed a Fitness Minister...but only for England(what a big fat shock I’m overcome)

Public Health minister Caroline Flint has been given the task of getting people to boost their activity levels.

She wants people to build physical activity into their daily routines to create a healthier nation in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics.

A healthier Nation,who exactly is she talking about,is it England? it can’t be!, according to the UK Gov,England isn’t a Country but a collection of regions….hhmm.

And what about the Olympics?,England doesn’t go to the Olympics,we don’t have a team,so how can making England healthier help for a Country without an Olympic Team?,you would of thought that as virtually everyone in the UK Gov is Scottish they would care a little more about their own Countries health,but apparently not!

So what team is this exactly,I can only assume it’s one with fat unfit people from Scotland,with a few plump Welsh persons to make up the numbers.

Ms Flint will be working across all government departments to develop a new fitness strategy for England.

What a nice job, a UK Gov flunky,who by definition should be looking after the health of all UK persons,only needs to swan around England,well isn’t my tax money going to good use!.

He we have another crystal clear example of Colonial law working in the 21st Century,the Scots ,who run Britain,are quite happy for Scotland and Wales,plus NI to decide for themselves how sturdier people are to be helped,but like nothing more than to pretend that their policy is somehow aimed at ALL the UK but is in actual fact aimed squarely at US, the English,yet of course,NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING!.

So for the record,how many overweight persons are there going to be in Scotland or Wales by 2010 then?

do they know?

do they care?

And why does no one give out the figures?

How can there be a British Government,when they seem either unwilling or unable to actually govern Britain?,they exist yet have no function!.


NICE give Bowel Cancer patients shovel,and tell them to “dig”

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NICE have not lived up to their name again having just cut the legs off the introduction of two Bowel Cancer drugs in England and Wales.

“Charities have criticised a proposal to block the routine NHS use of two drugs for advanced bowel cancer.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) said there was insufficient evidence to recommend Avastin and Erbitux”.

Read all about it HERE

So now we know,patients in England are just going to DIE,thanks to bean counters.

Interestingly,according to the BBC,A similar decision has already been made in Scotland?.

This isn’t quite that black and white though,because,in England,those already on the drugs will have them stopped,and now only have digging their own grave to look forward too,BUT IN WALES,if you are on them NOW,you will continue to be covered.

Thanks to devolution,the Welsh have the good fortune of being able to decide for themselves many things,UNLIKE ENGLAND,who has no choice,however,they don’t enjoy anything like the autonomy that the Raj gave their own Country of Scotland.

An example of which is that,prior to the UK Government controlled NICE pulling the carpet from under the NHS in Wales,the Welsh had already given the two drugs the GREEN LIGHT,which you can read HERE

But the Scottish Raj slapped them down and said “NO”,which can be read HERE so it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other,patients in England will just DIE,patients in Wales at least have a lifeline,current patients will live,new ones will,like England,just fill up cemetery’s,some choice,as for those in Scotland,my bet is they will get England to pay for it for them via taxes!.

Playing with words,the Scottish way

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When is a UK wide terror alert not a UK wide Terror alert?

When it only affects England

Naturally there has been a heck of a lot of coverage regarding disruptions at airports(allegedly UK wide)or so the media would like you to think,but however, the truth is a little more annoying,but not one media outlet has pointed it out,and that is,

The terror threat only affecting England not the UK

The BBC on their UK page indicate Travellers suffer further delays,the news story allegedly covers the whole UK,BUT IT DOESN’T,it only applies to England.

Amazingly on the BBC ENGLAND page there is NO STORY,only a link to the foreign British news?

The ridiculousness of the Beeb to pretend that this terror plot,however horrid,is affecting Britain just isn’t true!.

To emphasise this blind stupidity,on the BBC SCOTLAND page we find,not horror death and delays,but near calm and tranquility,

“what couldn’t the terrorists be bothered to go that far,UK my arse”.

The BBC WALES page doesn’t even mention the issue about bomb nutters,you have to go HERE,to find that all is well,and

“Let’s be clear – there is no specific threat to south Wales, Cardiff or the Millennium Stadium

There’s lovely

So no threat to South Wales…. how do they know?

Even the info about the UK bombers is only available from the BBC ENGLAND page,are they trying to tell us something?

But the info itself magically travels from England to UK,as Queen said “it’s a kind of magic”

Where we are greeted by a lovely map of the south of ENGLAND,not Britain,where all the so called wackos were located.

So with a room packed with Scots,oh and Welshman Prezza,telling England what to do,over a crisis that doesn’t affect their own Countries,terrorism is another reason why England must have her own Parliament to deal with crazy’s our way,and not be dictated to by foreign Scots.

Welsh playgroup joins the SS

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Spraying discrimination around like it was a good thing,a playgroup in Wales has caused a stink because it only allows Welsh speaking children.

A 10-year-old girl was sent home from a summer holiday play scheme – because she couldn’t speak Welsh.

Little Abigail Thorington arrived for her first day at a council-run holiday club near her Bridgend home yesterday, only to be told she wouldn’t be allowed back because she wasn’t a Welsh speaker.

There’s lovely.

Her mother Anna, 30, whose daughter Abigail is a Welsh learner, said: ‘I’m outraged.

‘The last time I checked we lived in Great Britain where you can speak whatever language you like.’

There is NO WAY IN HELL,an English playgroup would even dare in their wildest nightmares to ban a child for not speaking English,the shit storm it would bring would be of biblical proportions.

England fights to even say it’s own name-yet…

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Now Wales are going to get the chance to put their spoon into the gruel,without saying please too.

A story I covered a few days ago,has got the green light.

According to Ic Wales,

Wales have one foot in the cement of a possible Welsh Parliament,due to new laws and powers having just been granted to them.

The Act, passed last week, gives the Assembly the power to draw up its own laws for the first time – provided Westminster agrees first.

A Scottish-style Parliament could be created after a referendum, which will happen if two-thirds of AMs and a majority of MPs want one.

Tory Shadow Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan said

“It is clear the Assembly is now an established feature on the Welsh political landscape.

“Devolution has helped carve out an even more distinct national identity for Wales in the last seven years”.

She also correctly pointed out that

“Within England, there are also growing calls for the country to get its own Parliament – short of full independence”.

This NEW,bigger stronger,faster,version of Wales,within the bigger picture is a big step towards what,to my mind, IS THE way to go, and that is a Federal State,like the US,Canada,Australia,etc.

What is needed now however is the equalisation of power,the levelling of the playing field,as they say,so that not only can Scotland,Wales,and N Ireland decide for themselves,but the ENGLISH TOO,as we are currently left shackled to a chain gang,devoid of any kind of constitutional rights,fighting for any scraps of inclusion from the Fat Controllers upon high in UK Parliament plc.

Unlike the three Regions,the Nation of England,has no power,no Parliament,no public face to say NO to the UK chain gang,perhaps if I pretend to be Scottish I might get somewhere?….hhhmmmm.

“AN ENGLISH PARLIAMENT NOW PLEASE”,fairs,fair and all that jazz!!

Well,thats just B*marvellous

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According to The Herald,

The largest potential transfer of power from Westminster to the Welsh Assembly was approved last night after peers backed the move.
Rhodri Morgan, Wales’s First Minister, and Peter Hain, the Welsh Secretary, hailed the move as a “new dawn” for devolution in the principality.

Isn’t that just F-ing B* marvellous,England is busy waving it’s arms for just a crumb of recognition from the Raj,and getting S**t for our trouble,yet Wales has come along and,”suck,suck,nudge nudge, wink wink,say no more”got MORE POWERS.

“WHAT ABOUT ENGLAND”,you “bleep bleep,triple X,Expletive,deleted”

When is England going to get, The largest transfer of power from Westminster to the English Parliament was approved last night after peers backed the move.

Englandthelerf,England’s First Minister, and the English Secretary, hailed the move as a “new dawn” for devolution in England.


Doesn’t Scotland or Wales get weather then?

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According to those wordmeisters at the BBC- ONLY ENGLAND is hot today?

Does that mean this heatwave skillfully stopped dead at the borders or WHAT?

Does Scotland or Wales not get weather?,it would appear not,whilst England has been melting,one can only assume they are in their thermals,shovelling coal on to the fire,the room lit by a single candle,dickens style.

YET in contrast,according to the BBC video it is BRITAIN baking in the sunshine,SO WHICH IS IT,if only England is hot,then it has nothing to do with Britain!,if all of Britain is hot then it is NOT JUST ENGLAND.

Wordmeisters do you know where you are?

how can a heatwave stop dead at the Welsh and Scottish border? 

That’s a bit pedantic don’t you think ?

July 11, 2006 at 9:30 am | Posted in England, Northern Ireland, personal opinion, Scotland, Travel, Wales | Leave a comment

Trust an American to get THIS anal about little technicalities.

Matt Rosenberg is a professional geographer and the author of two books about geography.

According to him WE the English,the Scots,the Welsh,and the Northern Irish DON’T live in Countries,but parts of Britain!!

England WAS an independent Nation until the Scots took over in 1707,but at least he does it to Scotland,and Wales and NI too,try telling 50 million English people we aren’t a Nation!!.

And as for the World Cup he tries to tell us we shouldn’t be there(BOLLOCKS TO THAT MATE)

I’m sure this Matt chappie is kind to Children and animals,but he knows shit about diplomacy,don’t tell ME I live on some nameless rock lad,NOT GOOD.

you may read Matts profile HERE

I’ll name that tune in one

June 19, 2006 at 5:11 pm | Posted in England, Football, National Anthem, Scotland, Wales | Leave a comment

Currently there is an interesting bit of debate going on in the Raj heartland,or Scotland to you and me,with regards the Scottish Saltaire Flag and the National Anthem of Scotland.

If you do a search on the BBC for Scottish National Anthem you get THIS

This issue is hot at the moment,one comment that tickled me somewhat is the comment that

Scottish Tory deputy leader Murdo Fraser said "Scotland's national anthem was God Save the Queen, but he acknowledged there was an issue about what was played at international sporting events".

I just wonder how many Scots would agree that GSTQ was theirs too?,I bet someone escorted him home safe after that little bombshell!!.

A very interesting little item,certainly from an English perspective was THIS very interesting bit

Which shines a light on an attitude which I wish was more prevalent here in England,ie a team who dig in their heels and get what they deserve,a bit of National respect.

In 1969 An official sparring match erupted over a request by Scottish boxers to play Scotland the Brave and fly the Saltire at sporting events

The Scottish Amateur Boxing team threatened to walk out of an event in the Czech capital Prague in 1969 over the use of the Union Flag and the UK National Anthem, God Save the Queen.

The team wanted the Saltire flag to be flown during bouts and to stand to Scotland The Brave, if and when they triumphed.

I have to say RESPECT even if they are Scottish for sticking to their guns,and ditching GSTQ,I just wish we in England had athletes with big enough balls to do the same and bury GSTQ in to history,as it is NOT ENGLANDS ANTHEM but that of the UK,Scottish athletes said enough is enough back in 69,why is it that for all my lifetime we in England haven't followed this example ?.

A quote which I believe does very nicely thankyou.

"the Scottish home and health department said: "…if it is proper for a team representing Scotland, as distinct from Great Britain or the United Kingdom to take part at such events, it follows logically that victory in a particular event should be celebrated by the running up a distinctively Scottish flag i.e. the Saltire, and by the playing of a distinctively Scottish tune."

Well isn't that just lovely,so blatantly obvious,yet ground breaking in it's aproach,this specticle of a Nation actually getting to fly it's National Flag and have IT'S OWN ANTHEM played.




God I am a bit annoyed now !!!

Yet if I was to put English National Anthem into the BBC I get this excuse

British football songs ? British football songs,British football songs!!!!!!,what the hell is that ?

since when has Three Lions on a shirt,been anything other than an English footy song,the Scots,Welsh and everybody else couldn't give a s**t about it,probably because it isn't about them,the BBC are a bunch of **£$$%%*** etc, etc,they just don't get the difference ,TOSSERS!!.

The recent grovelling for votes by Scottish MP's to their English slaves,and the flying of non Britain flags over Government Buildings,as I have discovered is not totally new,as I found HERE

Although strictly speaking it is just the blind leading the blind, or as we say in the Midlands,the Scots leading themselves.

The Scottish saltire was last flown on a government building in England more than 100 years ago.

It will be on public display from the roof of Dover House, the London base of the Scotland Office, from dawn until dusk on Saturday.

A decision to hoist the flag was made as a show of support for the Scotland team who must beat England in a two leg play-off if they want to proceed to the Euro 2000 final.

Such wonderful objectivity,flying a foreign flag in the face of the English,publicly saying,we hope you lose,er tactless anybody?

Scottish Secretary Dr John Reid said: "I am looking forward to the match immensely and share every Scot's hope that we can go through to the Euro finals next year.

John Reid the Scottish Nazi that the English love to hate,who seems to take every job he can so he can piss the English off,now he is the Foreign Secretary for England and Wales(note not of his own Country Scotland) we in England know he's a f**king t**t already, but this just puts the cherry on top!!.

ASDA get non qualified teams into World Cup

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World Cup tat-you either love it or hate it,but for a few short weeks people all across England can actually get away with being English in their own Country and not be arrested by the Scottish Raj for their trouble.

The overload of England stuff is an amusing sight for those of us who fight to keep it's image alive 365 days a year,and not just for sporting events.

Hypocrisy and money do go hand in hand though and examples of this abound right now,I have already posted with regards to ASDAS World Cup schizophrenia HERE,but on reading WENAPs comments about the axis of evil ie-TESCO AND SAINSBURYS,I decided to revisit my previous post to make my point,as the kids say "yo yo big up" my point with pictorial proof of the strange and often mysterious world of the marketing persons.

ASDA,like many retailers are selling World Cup clothing,but only in their English stores ,incase their Scottish employees all end up in counseling,due to them crying all the time about Scotland not being in the World Cup.

The ASDA footy clothing range can be found HERE,but within it's pages,like Bananaman,"an amazing transformation occurs",but unlike Eric becoming Bananaman,ASDA have somehow got Scotland,Wales and Republic of Ireland,in to the World Cup by the back door.


Excellent question, and the answer is- CLOTHING

ASDA stock Scotland,Wales and Republic of Ireland World Cup clothing-WHY ?

Who can say as they didn't qualify,but it's there, and I can show you now.

whats wrong with this picture.jpg

and if that wasn't enough you get a second go below.

and again jpg.jpg
Isn't the need to be as greedy as possible a wonderful excuse to ignore the facts and just grab grab grab with clothing for Countries who didn't make it ?.

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