Simon Hughes will stand up for the oppressed !!

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So I watched a bit of Simon Hughes Candidate speech on the news,he states he opposed apartheid and that he sticks up for Minority Groups however unpopular,and that he is committed to a society free and fair !!-VERY VERY INTERESTING.
So how can a man who claimed to support the creation of an English Parliament,because the English are victims of political Apartheid and we are an oppressed Minority who aren’t popular and live in a society that is only fair if your not English.
How can this man claim to support fairness when he recently back tracked on his so called support for the English and now doesn’t seem to think we need equal rights all of a sudden,how can he expect any support when the group of people who actually need his help are cast aside just prior to his candidacy! double standards anyone,are the thougherly oppressed unpopular 2nd class citizen English just too radioactive to touch I wonder,so there’s however unpopular-then there’s the English it would appear.
So exactly how discriminated against must one be,is there a scale of 1-10?
For a man who has just been outed as a big girl I would suggest he needs all the support he can get,perhaps 50 million oppressed English might help- HINT HINT.


SO they do have schools in Scotland &Wales then!!.

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Following on from the fat frumpy one known as Ruth Kelly aka Education Minister for England (although she doesn’t seem to know this) and the reverlation that Schools she apparently runs are teaming with paedo’s,although England is never mentioned it is only England she can push around,the way she goes on you’d think she controlled Britain’s schools.

So following on from the mystery of does Scotland or Wales have schools,as they are never mentioned so one assumes they can’t have.
To answer this I checked the net for a reference to unsavoury types in Schools in the Raj heartland and was rewarded for my efforts-see links below
Scottish worries about paedophiles in their schools

Next up an interesting comment on a Welsh forum about whether Wales was also teaming with so and so’s below Welsh worries about Welsh schools
Has Kelly allowed sex offenders to teach in Welsh schools?Peter Black AM, 12 January 2006 Assembly education chair Peter Black AM is demanding urgent reassurances that sex offenders have not been allowed access to Welsh schools – after the Education Minster for England was revealed to have done so.Mr Black has tabled a series of questions to establish whether Welsh school children could also have been put at risk due to Ministers authorising sex offenders to work in schools. The questions have been submitted to Welsh Education Minister Jane Davidson, and Mr Black has also written posing the same questions to English Minister Ruth Kelly.He said: “The safety of our children is of paramount concern. What has happened in England is deeply worrying, and I am anxious that we should avoid such a situation in Wales.”Mr Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat education spokesperson, has tabled four questions to education Minister Jane Davidson.1) Does the Welsh Assembly Government hold a separate register of sex offenders who are barred from working in Welsh schools to that held by the UK Department of Education?2) What arrangements apply in Wales to determine the suitability of people on the sex offenders register to work in Welsh schools?3) How many registered sex offenders are working in Welsh schools having been cleared to do so by a Government Minister?4) What role does she have in determining which registered sex offenders go on ‘List 99’?
(Above text all taken from Welsh forum)

So to conclude it would seem that Scotland and Wales do indeed have schools and they too have issues about child safety-so WHY DO WE IN ENGLAND NEVER HEAR ABOUT IT,to watch the news you’d be forgiven for thinking foreign schools were perfect and only England’s were crud,oh if that were only true, why are unsavoury types only being reported in England when Scotland and Wales clearly have them too.

ASDA show their sexist side

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Asda have for my mind, as Iceland have, with their That’s why MUMS go to Iceland slogan,so no MEN shop there obviously,gone down the sexist lets patronise route unfortunately by openly promoting a blatantly anti men promo about so called WONDER MUMS ?

According to ASDA’s own info it’s about special PEOPLE !! that have made a difference to childrens lives,so on the face of it their hearts in the right place but Wonder MUMS ? er sexism anyone ?plus amazingly you can be a wonder mum even if you aren’t a mum or astonishingly if your a MAN ?er reality check somebody ?

So lets clarify ASDA’s promo is about special people regardless of gender-yet they use a blatant sexist ploy of referring to Women as if only they can be good with children ?

So why as a Man can I not be a Wonder DAD ?

Asda have not thought this through-why would a man want to be a wonder MUM ?

The title suggests they want to alienate men and assume only women will enter !!,if ASDA had used their head they would of called this promotion Wonder Parent or Wonder People,The reverlation on the back in small print that you don’t even have to be a women to enter is a laughable nod to the fact that ASDA themselves know this promo is 100% anti men bias and are just heaping ridicule on themselves continuing with it.

If the leaflet read Wonder DADS we know with 100% certainty that 30 seconds after it went live thousands of Women would be marching on ASDA House with banners and jumping up and down whining about how sexist it was.

So two can play at that and ASDA’s new promotion IS thougherly patronising and SEXIST AGAINST MEN.

Brown wants the black shirts back

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Gordon Brown over the last couple of days has been reported as wanting us all to get all mushy and fluffy over Scotlands Empire flag The Union Flag.
Daily Express Article about Britishness and Scotlands Raj flag

He reportedly wants a Britishness Day ?
This from a card carrying Scot who couldn’t give a s**t about England,why should anybody,whether Welsh,Scottish,English,or N Irish give two s**ts about a concept that’s been flogged to death and is a relic of history gratefully forgotten.
All this fawning over a white elephant that no one with any sense would touch is like some dodgy fascist routine-You will be British or else– or else what ?

What Britishness means to Wikipedia

Devolution has washed away even the vaguest notion of a UNIFIED IDENTITY,to suggest that Scotland,Wales,and N Ireland can have a recognised civic identity but England cannot is a crime of arrogance of stunning proportions,the instructions have been lost,the box thrown away and Britains shattered pieces are everywhere and cannot be glued back together with some right wing goose stepping about colonialism being GREAT!!.
As an Englishman I care little for this imposed foe Britishness,whatever that is ?
Gordon Brown must be one of only a small number of blinkered dewy eyed so called Brits left-you cannot sell poisoned milk to kids,and the Union Flag is a red white and blue poison pill no one wants.

Scottish guy stabs English Students in the back

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According to the METRO free paper today,David JOCK Cameron has stabbed every English student in the back by coldly back tracking on a Conservative policy to abolish tuition fees. Yesterday he carmly sat there and justified squeezing English students for everything they’ve got to pay for his own Countries FREE Universities by stating”the money’s got to come from somewhere”?.
He is quoted as saying
“you want Universities that are well funded,with good tutors,good facilities,and I want as many people who think they are going to benefit from University to go”
He strangely forgot to mention that Universities in Scotland,Wales and NI already have plenty of these all thanks to us English tax payers.
So as he says “yes I’m afraid students are going to have to make a contribution”,does that mean ALL STUDENTS,why is it that the money only seems to need to come from somewhere IN ENGLAND ?.
I wonder is it because Scotland Wales and NI all have a mystery benefactor,50 million mystery benefactors I presume who’s taxes are routinely raided for the Jockish Nations.
The Raj and her saterlite partners of Wales and NI are parasites who drain the life out of England any way they can,it’s time England went to get de loused.
I find it quite extraordinary that again discrimination on an astonishingly huge scale is passed over by civil liberties groups and such and can not find one reason why we-The English should bank role people who should damn well be able to pay themselves.

can you imagine the stink if it was the other way round

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Yes we are not dreaming a Birmingham University,The University of Central England have shown that their big wigs are a bunch of PC butt kissing anti west racists by recently publishing their 2006 calendar with full coverage of Hindu,Muslim,and Jewish religious festivals whilst omitting Christmas and Easter,quite staggering given England is a western Country and WAS a Christian area once, that this stunning own goal by these morons was even permitted to go to press.
The Christian dates are refered to as mere Bank Holidays ?????
According to the Daily Mirror a reprint of said calendar is planned to correct this error-but one has to ask how did this issue ever ever get off the ground. No other University or NGO of any sort in any other Country in the World would even contemplate such stupidity and downright blatant bias against itself in a staggering act of self destruction and blindly offending millions in the process WHAT WERE THEY THINKING -answer they weren’t-WAKE UP DIMWITS,go peddle your anti west claptrap somewhere else.

What the heck is

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So here I am minding my own business when I find my blog being paraded about like a miss something something contestant on a website called ? link

what is this odd site? what is it’s purpose and why am I on it please ?.
I am not really annoyed but more interested to know what this is.
Can anyone who knows about or uses it or is actually involved drop me a line please.

BBC say only The UK and Scotland alone celebrate New Year ?

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Yes I know MY COMPUTER is still down the toilet(no comment)but I borrowed someones briefly for a few days till whenever.
Today is New Years Day and like many early ish risers I stuck on the Beeb for the news only to find out that all the fireworks I heard last night were a dream,a very real dream but one none the less according to the BBC only the whole of the UK in London ,and Scotland in the Raj celebrated New Year last night , so where was Englands celebration held ? nowhere it would seem- how odd,I know plenty who celebrated last night but the BBC say they couldn’t have,most odd-almost a we need Sherlock Holmes to solve this mystery odd,and for that matter-what about Wales or N Ireland,not one word or mention, so is New year an exclusive of paid up Raj Party members I wonder ?.
So According to the Beeb, England,Wales and N Ireland didn’t have a New Year,so what was last night?

Any Councils who did do a New Years Celebration for ENGLAND please raise your hands now!!

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