Channel 4 News fail their ABC’s

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Oh dear I don’t think you spell ENVIRONMENT like that do you.

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The Dictatorship says jump

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Oh lordy lordy,So BRITAIN wants children to have better School meals,but Boys and Girls can you look through the round window and guess where this only applies,go on close your eyes turn round three times and make a guess,now don't tell me,I am a magician and can read minds,was the answer ENGLAND ONLY ?,it was hooray ! your sooo clever,have a lolly on me.

Yes indeed The British Government want to stick their noses into the lives of not British kids,but those ONLY IN ENGLAND,what an F-ing surprise,leaving Scottish,Welsh and Irish kids to get on with their schooling.

According to the BBC
UK Education Secretary Alan Johnson has published nutrition guidelines banning meals high in salt and fat.

He goes on to say

"The health of our young people is not an area for compromise"

OUR Young people,who exactly is our young people ?

As Alan Johnson is a UK Education Secretary is there a magical mystery tour we need to go on to find out why he- as a UK Minister IS NOT IN CHARGE OF THE UK EDUCATION SYSTEM ?.

Save your bus fare,because I can reveal that as a UK cronie he can only tell England what to do,the other UK Countries of North Britain,West Britain,and Northern Ireland,have devolution and as such run their own Education schemes without Raj interference.


The number of obese or overweight children in Britain aged between two and 15 has risen to about 30% in recent years.

Britains children ?,I'm sorry I seem to of landed on the stupid planet,what have Britains children got to do with England ? or him ? as he doesn't control Britains children just England,DOH!!
Plans elsewhere in the UK
The School Meals Review Panel first outlined its recommendations last autumn, following Mr Oliver's campaign.

The Scottish Executive is also planning to ban junk food from schools and to create a law encouraging more pupils to eat school meals.

In Wales, a working group on nutritional standards is due to publish a report next month.

A Welsh assembly government spokeswoman said it would use its powers "to take junk food out of our schools".

Northern Ireland's education department has put out proposals for public consultation.

I'm flushed with pride that England is the only Country in Europe STILL 100% under the control of an ex colonial dictatorship,who's influence now is so low the English are their last chance at mass victimisation,oh joy is me to know we are the s**t on Scotlands jack boot.

I was there

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Having had a spanking time in Copenhagen,I cannot say enough of how much I liked the place.

When on holiday you and I from time to time witness news events unfold by accident without actually knowing fully what it's about !.

So tonight after reading the Jyllands-Posten article about the student protests I saw,I was pleased to say I SAW THAT I WAS THERE,WHOOPPEE

copenhagen student protest 2.JPG

I knew it was about some exam thing or other but now I know,a little eye witness news.

copenhagen student protest 3.JPG

The Guardian kicks facts square in the Nuts !

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The Guardian Newspaper shoots itself in the head today with this clearly ill thought through and WRONG headline

England failing its new migrants (er don’t think so, Britain is actually)

READ IT HERE,,1756839,00.html

State-funded English language courses are struggling to cope with a sharp rise in demand, as an inquiry into the system of delivery reveals serious weaknesses, reports Max de Lotbinière.

Five years on from the launch of a new strategy to improve the English language skills of immigrants to Britain, the English for Speakers of Other Languages (Esol) sector is asking itself why it is still struggling to deliver effective courses.

Next month, a special inquiry into the problems of Esol provision in England, led by the National Institute for Adult Continuing Education (Niace), is due to deliver its interim report. But the picture that is emerging reveals a system that is struggling to cope with a huge increase in demand, continuing shortage of teachers

Of course the scheme is failing if the Raj insist on taking in every stray person on the Globe and forcing them on England for God sake see sense,

why is there not a uniform distribution of people across Britain, ie actually send say 40% to England 30% to Scotland 20% to Wales and 10% to Northern Ireland then resources would not be so shredded in just one Country, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be forced to share the burden too, but of course they are Raj Countries so there is little chance of that is there, so what do they expect ?

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