That’s how it’s done!

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Italy showed us how to do penalties by doing over France 5-3 last night.

England team watch and learn

Zidane showing us just how caring a Muslim hot head can be!!



Business as usual

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It’s all coming out in the wash now,the cloak of eternal victim has well and truly been torn from the Scottish public face.

Whilst we in England have always known the evil that lurks within,it would appear the media are finally grasping the metal to expose the venomous Scottish psychological condition.

Yet again according to the BBC another English person was been set upon in SCOTLAND, simply for being English.



England follow the script to a tee

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Yes we know,as per the usual result,England have done it again and hit self destruct via penalties.

I have little positive to say other than although I am not very impressed,I did indeed predict this result a little while ago,due to England’s previous record at World Cups,having qualified 13 times,they have reached the Quarter Finals 10 TIMES and lost!!,the semi’s twice,and of course won once.

Murray needs a lesson in diplomacy

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After my own thoughts on the matter, I was pleased to catch an article in the Daily Express today which shows that I am not alone in my stance.

Leo Mckinstry today had a few points that I have already posted on plus many I agree with,such as.

The sadness is that,after decades of frustration,our hopes should be borne by such an unedifying,immature and unpatriotic figure,who has as big a talent for alienating his natural supporters as for match winners”.

“Murray has proved to be a petulant often miserable youth,indulging in foul mouthed tantrums on the court and anti english diatribes off it”.

“In the run up to Wimbledon,Murray caused a storm by expressing his contempt for the England football team,saying he hoped they were dumped out of the World Cup,and expressed his solidarity with England’s World Cup opponents”.

It is next to impossible to really sympathise with Murray with the way he continually bites the hand that feeds him, ie English tax money.

My natural instinct is to be quite lenient,then you read more about the unfortunate things he has said,and ones good will starts to be strained,I am trying not to feel guilty about disliking him, but he does keep on saying and doing the wrong thing for all of England to see like a red rag to a Bull.

If you come to England to play tennis in England at the All England Club,in front of many thousand English fans both in and out of court,then proceed to brazenly happy slap the English Nation for all to see, then the individual in question is either, a racist,a twat, or a fool,all be it a young one.



Whilst I will not condone excessive personal attacks on Murray, he is an individual who is extremely difficult to like under any circumstances.


A backlash own goal

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Having already posted on my genuine displeasure at the way so called English people have viciously attacked the tennis player Andy Murray for being a product of Scottish brainwashing,I must now publicly disassociate myself from any comments made by individuals claiming to be English on his blog as they have gone so far over the line.

According to Toque the media are all a flap about it, The Scotsman, The BBC,The Herald,The Daily Record,all saying the same things.

It makes me mad that England can take two steps forward as a Country,only to be pushed back one big step by a mentality that one had hoped was on the decline on both sides of the border,WE both England and Scotland need to step back from each other.

Andy Murray must take full responsibility for his actions in future,wearing Scottish colours whilst representing Great Britain WAS REALLY STUPID,and I was not impressed when I saw it,BUT that is as far as it goes,writing that he is a (something something) on my blog is OK,bitching at him in person,saying things that are simply MAD and grotesque is not.

May I suggest to his website people that having unmonitored comments is NUTS.

The ONE moment English football has

June 23, 2006 at 6:43 pm | Posted in England, Football, World Cup | Leave a comment

England as a football team,let's face it,they are pretty average when it counts,with this game at the weekend being very likely their last or at least one from last,this years World Cup is history for us very very soon.

We in England are used to sporting averageness,just look at the Rugby team right now-what a dog!!!.

Anyway,"yes yes keep going on about 66 why don't you",well yes other than 66 England is always the warm up act ready for the real teams to finish up later.


The ONE genuine moment that fate flipped a coin and it came down on OUR side that ONE fleeting moment that expectation and reality actually sat at the same table.

I am under no illusions about England's chances in this years event,it has been 40 years since fate got drunk and got her sums wrong to hand England the World Cup,I honestly feel that it may take till I retire to see her drunken party trick once more.

PS-Big shame about all those flags for a team not in the World Cup,We are England not Britain ,but hey it was 1966,we know better now.

Two sides of the same coin

June 21, 2006 at 7:19 pm | Posted in England, Equal opportunities, police, Politics, Racism, Scotland, Sport, st George, World Cup | Leave a comment

So,like Mystic Meg on a good day, this lifting of the vail from the face of Scotland's bigotry was reported just two days ago HERE,the vicious and unprovoked attacks on the English,or at least the reported ones,have exposed Scotland's fangs,and just reinforced the general view of the thinking English, that your average Scot is a bitter thug,just waiting for an excuse to hit out,to try and lighten the load of that chip that many carry like Jacob Marley,dragging his chains.

Prime Minister Tony Blair(SCOT) has condemned attacks on a seven-year-old boy and 41-year-old man who were wearing England shirts in Scotland.

This News item shocked me when I returned from work,the individuals involved are the lowest kind,READ IT HERE.

Idiots-any idiots whether Scottish or not cannot seriously consider this behaviour as anything other than cowardly,moronic,pathetic and childish.

"it didn't take long for the verbal abuse to start.

"Get back to where you come from, you Sassenach,"(English person)

"I was stunned when a lone pensioner walked towards me and waited until he was level before muttering "English bastard" in my ear".

This childish hitting out at a perceived enemy is also highlighted HERE,with a blatant case of Flag burning.

Sadly this anti English racism is an ever more visible trend,not just in Scotland but also in Wales.

So much for the media stereotype that the English are the problem,in this World we have the two sides of the same coin reflecting back at each other.

In England itself we have to be very aware that we live amongst many Nationalities,not just English,and as such largely get on with whomever,beating someone up for wearing a Scotland shirt is unthinkable,plus the guy would probably be English anyway,it is just not going to happen,we see so many different team colours all year round you take little notice.

This however is not the case in Scotland,which is still largely untouched by mass immigration and as such is still largely a monoculture of whites who identify strongly with just THEIR CULTURE and object to seeing anything else bar Scottishness,so where as a Scot can live anonymously in England,an English person in Scotland paints a target on their head,saying "I'm different come get me"

Look at what your wearing LUV

June 20, 2006 at 8:54 am | Posted in England, Football, Humour (English), World Cup | Leave a comment

Oh Keeley you've let me down dear,what are you doing silly girl,for this your going to be smacked hard!!



Julia Botfield reports for BBC

June 19, 2006 at 8:13 pm | Posted in England, Football, Politics, World Cup | Leave a comment

With What could of been a news report plucked from any lazy news hacks pocket TODAY,was a news item from 4 years ago for World Cup 2002, still using the same old,same old routine, about,oh oh it must be a bad thing,the worlds gone crazy that English people for a couple of weeks every few years get a chance to express their identity.

You can watch this report HERE

This next little gem revolves around a Welsh Police Chief warning the English to be on their guard in Wales in case they get beaten up by Welsh Racists.


It goes without saying you can see this item HERE

Strictly speaking of course the Police officer was actually making inflammatory remarks about the English,but the way it came out it looks like he is warning us-GOOD MAN.

A quote which I come across regularly,most typically from pricks who have no idea what they are on about is THUS.

“But is this flag waving mania,football inspired fun,or does it have SINISTER NATIONALIST OVERTONES”


No I don’t know what this jerk off is talking about either,but you can decide for yourself HERE

Lets just look at that briefly, Sinister Nationalist Overtones,what does that mean exactly ?

If he is crying about patriotism, then I suggest that the entire World is full of people with Sinister Nationalist Overtones,try America for one !!,the English deal with cultural imprisonment in their own Country like someone denied chocolate or something,when we finally get a chance to be English in the open, without fear of arrest, we rush out from our cultural prisons and go a bit overboard, to cram as much in as possible before the bolt slams shut on the freedom to be English holiday,the sports over, back to English anonymous for you.

Honesty isn’t popular

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So we "England" are again being put through the NOT AGAIN media circus with the inevitable loss coming up in the knockout stages.

With two totally crap performances against very average teams,England have well and truly painted a big loser sign on their team bus ready and waiting to drag their sorry butts home.

For an Englishman,the knowledge that your footy team is,let's say average is not usually a problem until it's frailties are paraded around to a World audience.

Some might say I am unpatriotic,which quite frankly is utter bollocks.

I am merely a realist,a man who knows not to care too much as to whether ones team wins or loses,years and years of seeing England make a habit of losing just grinds you down to the point you have to just stop caring,to not be peed off every match,so now,when we win GREAT,when we lose,oh well never mind,it isn't like England aren't good at doing that!!

I have been looking over,and there are some nice England bits on there,the Euro 96 Footballs coming home,is for me a very good reflection of my attitude really,hopeful yet resigned to the fact that they will do something stupid to blow it!!


For my money,even for an old grumpy guts such as myself, it is without question the World Cup 90 World in motion song,which I did actually buy, and have the tape in the house somewhere,which is the best ever song,which even makes half hearted footy fans like me feel the force,I remember it well,as a young 20 something at the time the 1990 World Cup side was the best we have had since 66. 

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