NICE give Bowel Cancer patients shovel,and tell them to “dig”

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NICE have not lived up to their name again having just cut the legs off the introduction of two Bowel Cancer drugs in England and Wales.

“Charities have criticised a proposal to block the routine NHS use of two drugs for advanced bowel cancer.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) said there was insufficient evidence to recommend Avastin and Erbitux”.

Read all about it HERE

So now we know,patients in England are just going to DIE,thanks to bean counters.

Interestingly,according to the BBC,A similar decision has already been made in Scotland?.

This isn’t quite that black and white though,because,in England,those already on the drugs will have them stopped,and now only have digging their own grave to look forward too,BUT IN WALES,if you are on them NOW,you will continue to be covered.

Thanks to devolution,the Welsh have the good fortune of being able to decide for themselves many things,UNLIKE ENGLAND,who has no choice,however,they don’t enjoy anything like the autonomy that the Raj gave their own Country of Scotland.

An example of which is that,prior to the UK Government controlled NICE pulling the carpet from under the NHS in Wales,the Welsh had already given the two drugs the GREEN LIGHT,which you can read HERE

But the Scottish Raj slapped them down and said “NO”,which can be read HERE so it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other,patients in England will just DIE,patients in Wales at least have a lifeline,current patients will live,new ones will,like England,just fill up cemetery’s,some choice,as for those in Scotland,my bet is they will get England to pay for it for them via taxes!.


Parliament Square Demo to be held

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According to the English Democrats,A demonstration to promote the issue of a National Parliament for England is planned for Wednesday, 11th October 2006, from 11am to 1pm.

UK Government openly fabricate history…again!

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It has been widely reported that the Doomsday Book,chronicling ENGLAND in the 11th Century has been put on-line.

Fantastic,or is it?

It has also been widely reported HERE and HERE,that the UK authorities have clearly been hit on the head by a Hollywood Mogul and decided to re write history,all in the name of erasing England,both geographically,and Historically from the yet written history books to come.

The Doomsday Book is a detailed chronicle of England on and around 1085AD,it looks at life in 11th Century(ENGLAND ONLY).

You may read more HERE

The Doomsday Book is our most famous and earliest surviving public record. It is a highly detailed survey and valuation of all the land held by the King and his chief tenants, along with all the resources that went with the land in late 11th century England. The survey was a massive enterprise, and the record of that survey, Domesday Book, was a remarkable achievement.

Read more HERE

So you see,the Doomsday Book has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with Britain,it is an exclusively English precious relic,one that Scotland,Wales and NI have no claim to,so for the British to claim it as a relic of theirs is an utter bare faced LIE and a Hollywood style re write of the facts.

This is not mere personal opinion,but facts,facts in black and white Britain choose to ignore.

The Doomsday Book website even gives you the right answer many times,EXAMPLE BELOW


But then the wheels come off, and Britain takes the credit,that ISN’T THEIRS


It’s always a comfort to know the British Government will claim Historical treasures from other Countries as theirs,lets face it,it’s not the first time.

The use of the word England and the implication that someone actually ment to say Britain is incorrect,England,is just that…ENGLAND.

Britain,who’s birth in the early 18th Century,is the collective landmass of Wales,Scotland(Raj),England,and Northern Ireland,has no relevance to a document some 600 plus years older than it.

England fights to even say it’s own name-yet…

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Now Wales are going to get the chance to put their spoon into the gruel,without saying please too.

A story I covered a few days ago,has got the green light.

According to Ic Wales,

Wales have one foot in the cement of a possible Welsh Parliament,due to new laws and powers having just been granted to them.

The Act, passed last week, gives the Assembly the power to draw up its own laws for the first time – provided Westminster agrees first.

A Scottish-style Parliament could be created after a referendum, which will happen if two-thirds of AMs and a majority of MPs want one.

Tory Shadow Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan said

“It is clear the Assembly is now an established feature on the Welsh political landscape.

“Devolution has helped carve out an even more distinct national identity for Wales in the last seven years”.

She also correctly pointed out that

“Within England, there are also growing calls for the country to get its own Parliament – short of full independence”.

This NEW,bigger stronger,faster,version of Wales,within the bigger picture is a big step towards what,to my mind, IS THE way to go, and that is a Federal State,like the US,Canada,Australia,etc.

What is needed now however is the equalisation of power,the levelling of the playing field,as they say,so that not only can Scotland,Wales,and N Ireland decide for themselves,but the ENGLISH TOO,as we are currently left shackled to a chain gang,devoid of any kind of constitutional rights,fighting for any scraps of inclusion from the Fat Controllers upon high in UK Parliament plc.

Unlike the three Regions,the Nation of England,has no power,no Parliament,no public face to say NO to the UK chain gang,perhaps if I pretend to be Scottish I might get somewhere?….hhhmmmm.

“AN ENGLISH PARLIAMENT NOW PLEASE”,fairs,fair and all that jazz!!

To poop or not to poop,that is the question?

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No I am not making this up….according to The Brussels Journal,a Manchester Housing Assoc,is building Houses exclusively for Muslim use!!!!!,because-

“as one of the residents says, “We’re all Muslims here so yes, it is important [to live exclusively among Muslims]. For myself I’m not really too bothered but to a lot of the Muslim people, yes it is important to them and yes it is a very good idea.”

Even the BBC go all Muslim cheerleader on us.

Are they serious,I’d like to see how an exclusively NON Muslim building project got on.

Whatever next,exclusive,White Christian here,Afro Caribbean Christians there,Mormons here,this kind of ridiculous pandering to foreigners is not the answer,it is a symptom of the problem,they should be integrating with US, not getting their butts kissed for special treatment,who the hell cares which way round the loo is,they should just be damn glad there is one for crying out loud.

What a fantastic idea(sarcasm)

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Well I never did,according to the BBC,through the mist and fog of blabbering morons who parade around claiming to be MP’s,a magic bean of an idea has arrived,but unlike the Goodies there is no climbing required, just commonsense(oh dear).

Yes,yes,one at a time please,I’ll tell you!!

The concept of an English Parliament for England to flush away the west lothian question.


We in England have known this for ages,let’s hope these ideals are acted upon, and England can taste more Equal rights at last.

Barnett formula gravy train gets a telling off

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The Barnett Formula,or as we say in England,lawfull tax theft.

"If you tickle us do we not laugh,if you prick us do we not bleed,if you wrong us do we not revenge",or at least that's what Star Trek says.

But unlike the movies in real life, England is The Undiscovered Country,
If no one in power can grasp the concept of England do WE still exist ?

One spiffing way to keep the punters down is to rob Peter to pay Paul,and that is exactly what the UK Government have been doing to us English for 30 plus years via the ever so fair tax rape known as The Barnett Formula.

In todays Daily Mail,The Labour peer who invented the system by which billions of pounds of English taxpayers' money is diverted to Scotland said the system should be scrapped because it is unfair.

Under the Barnett formula, drawn up in the 1970s, Scotland currently gets £1,500 more cash to spend on public services for each member of the population than England.

Official figures this year put public spending per head in England at £6,762. But in Scotland it was £8,265 per head, a difference of £1,503.

But this issue has been brought up numerous times before such as HERE

From 2 years ago
Lord Barnett has had enough, and is demanding that his name be removed from what he says is an "embarrassing" Treasury formula that puts an extra £1,000 per head on Scotland’s spending power when it comes to public services.

And the former cabinet minister says he is now ready to take on Westminster’s "Scottish Mafia" and fight for the end to a legacy that has blighted his life for 25 years.

"It is a great embarrassment to have my name attached to so unfair a system," he said.

Read Wikipedias view of The Barnett Formula

Basically the formula is a big fat money grab exercise by the UK for it's Homeland(Scotland)mercilessly raping and pillaging English taxes to pay for the sky to be a very special kind of blue all financed by England.

If you wish to read all you can on this Tax England to death policy,you can do so by going HERE,plus if you don't believe me the UK Gov have a pdf on the concept of Barnett HERE

Two sides of the same coin

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So,like Mystic Meg on a good day, this lifting of the vail from the face of Scotland's bigotry was reported just two days ago HERE,the vicious and unprovoked attacks on the English,or at least the reported ones,have exposed Scotland's fangs,and just reinforced the general view of the thinking English, that your average Scot is a bitter thug,just waiting for an excuse to hit out,to try and lighten the load of that chip that many carry like Jacob Marley,dragging his chains.

Prime Minister Tony Blair(SCOT) has condemned attacks on a seven-year-old boy and 41-year-old man who were wearing England shirts in Scotland.

This News item shocked me when I returned from work,the individuals involved are the lowest kind,READ IT HERE.

Idiots-any idiots whether Scottish or not cannot seriously consider this behaviour as anything other than cowardly,moronic,pathetic and childish.

"it didn't take long for the verbal abuse to start.

"Get back to where you come from, you Sassenach,"(English person)

"I was stunned when a lone pensioner walked towards me and waited until he was level before muttering "English bastard" in my ear".

This childish hitting out at a perceived enemy is also highlighted HERE,with a blatant case of Flag burning.

Sadly this anti English racism is an ever more visible trend,not just in Scotland but also in Wales.

So much for the media stereotype that the English are the problem,in this World we have the two sides of the same coin reflecting back at each other.

In England itself we have to be very aware that we live amongst many Nationalities,not just English,and as such largely get on with whomever,beating someone up for wearing a Scotland shirt is unthinkable,plus the guy would probably be English anyway,it is just not going to happen,we see so many different team colours all year round you take little notice.

This however is not the case in Scotland,which is still largely untouched by mass immigration and as such is still largely a monoculture of whites who identify strongly with just THEIR CULTURE and object to seeing anything else bar Scottishness,so where as a Scot can live anonymously in England,an English person in Scotland paints a target on their head,saying "I'm different come get me"

On the subject of anthems

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After my gnashing of teeth thinking about John Reid super jerk,I decided to expand your horizons ever so slightly,all you, not from England,caring sharing equal oportunities types.

Yes we in England have no National Anthem (gasp,shock horror,it can’t be true!) yes I’m afraid it is, and the English FA agree with me too.

I am not alone in my desire for my own Country to have an Anthem 

“Why does the English football team use the British national anthem in internationals. Surely they’d be better off using a song that corresponds to England only. Why not Jerusalem? It’s a cracking tune and much more English than that dreadful dirge that is God Save the Queen”.

“I loathe GSTQ as well, not least because it’s not about my country but about a sovereign. So it depends what you want your anthem to be about. Jerusalem sounds fabulous when sung by 40,000 voices at once”,

Jerusalem is the song I would pick and is broadly considered to be the peoples unofficial English Anthem,this opinion poll agrees with me too. 

For all of you with questions or you just can’t quite get your head around it,you must visit the Anthem for England website for full info

Minister is an excellent example to others

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According to Northwing and also thanks to the CEP, HERE,a seismic shift in public perception has taken root,with regards to the wider populous acceptance of England's National flag,with the pivotal momentum being that of sport in general,Football being the big boy catalyst,with the Ashes win and the Rugby World Cup win,fueling the identity solidification,with England's National flag at the centre,every step of the way.

I for one welcome this new found freedom and would like to see it extend beyond the brief couple of weeks every few years or so,to being slightly less in your face but visible 365 days a year to mirror places such as the US where flying the flag is almost every Americans duty and to not do so is seen as fundamentally unpatriotic.

If you choose to live in any Country you should be willing to accept the fact that you will at some point see a National flag somewhere down the line,to expect a whole Nation to hide indoors just to please YOU is bonkers.

Last Nights Question Time was one such example of how England and Englishness is becoming as natural as fresh air and sunshine,it is an accepted fact and enjoyed by millions who live in England whether by birth or otherwise.

To watch last night programme you can by clicking HERE

The main hero of this programme was the Culture Minister David Lammy a minister at the department of Culture, Media and Sport,granted I had never heard of him before, but who cares if he is a good lad.

I have watched the Question Time Show and the issue of England and flags comes up at approx 42 minutes in,at approx 45 minutes in Liam Fox(Scotsman) backs down from answering whether he may fly England's flag,instead blurting out some party line guff about how we should ALL be British,at approx 47 minutes in a sad lonely guy who must live in a cave somewhere a Sir Max Hastings made some flabbergasting tripe comments about how he thinks we should all fly the British flag,and how distasteful all this English,Welsh,Scottishness is,clearly he should be pitied and then laughed out of town,WHAT A T**T.

Right now though,today, we are in the whirlwind of the short lived fever that is Englishness,all the flags the bunting the footy merchandise,all of it will be gone in a frenzied flash the second England are knocked out,binned untill the next time,leaving England a patriotism free zone once again,Englishness at this point in time,at least as far as the media,retail and the UK Government is concerned,is a temporary thing,one they just have to ride out till,"England are out,they are out of the World Cup", to quote that famous line "they think it's all over it is now"

We know that once this happens the Welsh and Scots will do their worst,we know that,but at least we can say WE WERE THERE YOU WEREN'T.

We in England have 1966,why is it WE never seem to hear about the Scots and 1967 when they beat England 3-2 at Wembley to become unofficial World Champions ?

You can even buy this game on DVD from Amazon ,how good am I to you!,don't say I never give you anything.

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