No ones fat in Scotland or Wales then?

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According to the BBC,the UK Government is sticking it’s nose into only England’s health!,(like we need a load more Scottish people telling us about issues in ENGLAND that don’t concern them!)

Anyway,they report that England will have 13 million overweight persons by 2010,the UK Government are quoted as saying.

“We are intervening and helping to make a difference, but we want today’s figures to act as a stark reminder of the problem we and our children will face if we don’t act now and start making healthier lifestyle choices.”

Hold on a minute buckaroo,we and our children?

So let me get this straight,a bunch of foreigners from Scotland,Wales,Ireland and elsewhere,who are supposed to run the UK,ie Scotland,Wales,England and NI want to pester only English kids?

how does that make only English kids OUR CHILDREN,

Is there not a stark reminder of a problem for plump kiddies in Scotland?…..NO,well how about Wales then,how are rounder children going to cope in Wales without UK Gov interference?

Why is the UK Government making rules up for us, but appear blind to what should be their responsibility to ALL children in the UK!!

Given practically all UK Gov Ministers are Scottish, you have to wonder why it’s any of their damn business ordering ONLY ENGLISH KIDS AROUND.

To add salt to this open case of dictatorship to only them damn English scum,the UK Gov have appointed a Fitness Minister...but only for England(what a big fat shock I’m overcome)

Public Health minister Caroline Flint has been given the task of getting people to boost their activity levels.

She wants people to build physical activity into their daily routines to create a healthier nation in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics.

A healthier Nation,who exactly is she talking about,is it England? it can’t be!, according to the UK Gov,England isn’t a Country but a collection of regions….hhmm.

And what about the Olympics?,England doesn’t go to the Olympics,we don’t have a team,so how can making England healthier help for a Country without an Olympic Team?,you would of thought that as virtually everyone in the UK Gov is Scottish they would care a little more about their own Countries health,but apparently not!

So what team is this exactly,I can only assume it’s one with fat unfit people from Scotland,with a few plump Welsh persons to make up the numbers.

Ms Flint will be working across all government departments to develop a new fitness strategy for England.

What a nice job, a UK Gov flunky,who by definition should be looking after the health of all UK persons,only needs to swan around England,well isn’t my tax money going to good use!.

He we have another crystal clear example of Colonial law working in the 21st Century,the Scots ,who run Britain,are quite happy for Scotland and Wales,plus NI to decide for themselves how sturdier people are to be helped,but like nothing more than to pretend that their policy is somehow aimed at ALL the UK but is in actual fact aimed squarely at US, the English,yet of course,NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING!.

So for the record,how many overweight persons are there going to be in Scotland or Wales by 2010 then?

do they know?

do they care?

And why does no one give out the figures?

How can there be a British Government,when they seem either unwilling or unable to actually govern Britain?,they exist yet have no function!.


NICE give Bowel Cancer patients shovel,and tell them to “dig”

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NICE have not lived up to their name again having just cut the legs off the introduction of two Bowel Cancer drugs in England and Wales.

“Charities have criticised a proposal to block the routine NHS use of two drugs for advanced bowel cancer.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) said there was insufficient evidence to recommend Avastin and Erbitux”.

Read all about it HERE

So now we know,patients in England are just going to DIE,thanks to bean counters.

Interestingly,according to the BBC,A similar decision has already been made in Scotland?.

This isn’t quite that black and white though,because,in England,those already on the drugs will have them stopped,and now only have digging their own grave to look forward too,BUT IN WALES,if you are on them NOW,you will continue to be covered.

Thanks to devolution,the Welsh have the good fortune of being able to decide for themselves many things,UNLIKE ENGLAND,who has no choice,however,they don’t enjoy anything like the autonomy that the Raj gave their own Country of Scotland.

An example of which is that,prior to the UK Government controlled NICE pulling the carpet from under the NHS in Wales,the Welsh had already given the two drugs the GREEN LIGHT,which you can read HERE

But the Scottish Raj slapped them down and said “NO”,which can be read HERE so it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other,patients in England will just DIE,patients in Wales at least have a lifeline,current patients will live,new ones will,like England,just fill up cemetery’s,some choice,as for those in Scotland,my bet is they will get England to pay for it for them via taxes!.

NICE say’s f**k you to English patients

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We in England, everyday find a new shiny nail has been well and truly hammered into our collective coffin, by a UK Government so intent on eradicating the English,it just doesn’t bother even hiding it anymore.

The latest method of slow but sure genocide has been shown to me by the CEP,


CANCER sufferers told of their anguish yesterday as a lifesaving drug was banned in England, despite being available everywhere else in the UK.

Bone cancer victims in England will not be given a life-prolonging drug – although it is available to patients in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The drug, Velcade, which can put the cancer into remission and dramatically improve life expectancy, is also available in every other developed country in the world.

But yesterday the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence refused to approve Velcade for use in England on the NHS, saying it is not ‘cost-effective’.

God help anyone who is English using the NHS!!

But guess who is footing the bill for Everyone else via Taxes….yes the English,we pay our taxes,so Scotland,Wales,and NI can have caviar and champagne on the NHS,whilst we have the proud prospect of just dying.

This is irrefutable evidence that the UK Government,or Scottish Government South as it likes to be called,puts a very different price on life everywhere but England.

Discrimination comes in many forms,and the UK Government are Gold medal winners at the smoke and mirrors ploy.

The NICE Nazi’s should be made to visit every family in person,of all the people who they have just condemned to death,and explain why THEY will cause a family member to die needlessly simply because they were English.

Not a day goes by that-

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Another Day another dollar,although in my case,another Pound,24 little hours in the day and it would seem Tonys Scottish Raj spend most of that time dreaming up new and exiting ways to pigeon hole only English people.

Todays indoctrination from above concerns children of a certain size,now according to the BBC

Tests to see if children aged four and 10 are overweight are being introduced in schools.

The Department of Health has opted to go ahead with the tests, despite opponents saying it could lead to overweight children being bullied.

Pupils in England will be weighed and measured as they start primary school and again before they leave.

You will see as every English person in the land has already grasped,that this DO IT NOW OR ELSE new way of doing things is being brought in by BRITAIN but only affects England !!,not Britain as a whole,so leaving Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland free to cater to their children without (as usual) Raj interference.

I saw this story first thing and it was so hopelessly transparent that this nonsense would only be tried on people who couldn't say NO,as England is a helpless prisoner of Scotland and Wales,I didn't even have to watch the news to basically know all about it already.

Are we saying children of a certain size don't exist in Scotland or Wales,I wonder ?.

Everyman Mens Cancer Campaign update

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The big EVERYMAN Campaign push starts next month in JUNE,so get out there and support it.

The Everyman retail partners are doing their bit,now it's our turn to donate too.

Asda are aiming to raise £500,000

Asda has been getting behind Everyman both in-store and behind the scenes to help tackle male cancer.

Earlier in the year Asda employees took part in a ‘Tackle It’ football and netball tournament culminating in a final at the JJB Stadium in Leeds in May. Teams from stores across the country took part, helping to raise money and also awareness within Asda staff.

Throughout Everyman Male Cancer Awareness Month in June, Asda will also be helping to raise awareness to its customers, by distributing awareness leaflets in store.

Asda is also raising money by selling a selection of Everyman products including t-shirts with the slogan ‘Have you checked yours’ and ball themed pin badges.

I must admit that at my local ASDA there is no clothing or any kind of Everyman products except the pin badges,and the Everyman leaflets were conveniently LOST, so a big fat raspberry to them for that but there is still time ?.everyman update 3.jpg

The Everyman Mens Cancer Campaign Month -JUNE

What goes around comes around

May 8, 2006 at 3:11 pm | Posted in Devolution, England, Health related, Wales | 1 Comment

Operation delayed – because girl lives in Wales

A WELSH mother has been told her seven-year-old daughter's hip operation is being delayed because she lives in Wales.

Lowri Regan of Guilsfield near Welshpool claims she was told by Oswestry's orthopaedic hospital in Shropshire England,that her daughter, Jessica, whose hip joint keeps popping out of its socket, was less of a priority than English patients.

Well I never doesn’t a little payback smell nice, those poor hard done by Welsh patients who’s NHS service is sponsored by ENGLISH tax money to god knows how many millions, and have a level of service we in England can only dream of.

Whilst I have sympathy for the young girl, is there not a Welsh Hospital better placed to deal with this issue ?

if you go abroad for health care of course it will be different !!.

Pardon me for not going all soppy and mushy but we English are crapped on by the NHS and regularly have treatment denied to us that Welsh and Scottish patients get as the norm, quite often being in the same hospital as them but getting 3rd world treatment in the next bed.

Devolution has created a healthcare lottery, we may not like it but it is a stark fact for those who require specialist help, where you live could indeed decide whether you live or die it’s that simple.

Let’s remember, Scotland, Wales and NI run their own NHS, England DO NOT, the Scottish Raj tell us what crumbs we are getting.

The newspapers are regularly printing stories of poor old Johnny English,who can't get such and such a drug or treatment for no other reason than they are English,yet Mr and Mrs somebody else is getting it free next door.

Whilst it may be painful to deal with the healthcare lottery can hurt us all given the right or wrong health problem we may encounter during ones lifetime.

your postcode could be the kiss of death !!.

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Irony

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Oh how I laughed when I spotted this little gem this afternoon,ho ho ho,.in todays Daily Mail the story of English Breast Cancer patients forced to pay £47,000 pounds in costs to get Herceptin at the same Hospital that Welsh Women GET FREE.


english women has to pay costs.jpg

Shropshire is just 2 miles from the Welsh Border,yet because it is in England and not Wales,English patients get screwed,whilst a Welsh person in the bed next door gets 5 star treatment,EQUAL ACCESS TO HEALTH PROVISION ?-not if your English,just die and get it over with.

NICE the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence is playing Russian Roulette with English lives,whilst fluffing the pillows of every other Tom Dick or Harry who comes along.

The other side of the coin now with the humorous story of Welsh patients blubbing because they have to pay the beastly English prescription charges,aaaarrrggh didums.


welsh forced to cough up cash jpg.jpg

Oh oh,I'm laughing so much,oh I need a lie down,oh,where was I,oh yes,the poor downtrodden victimised Welsh patients having the indignity of being forced to pay full whack charges,how dreadfull it must be to have to pay ridiculas amounts for your soon to be free prescriptions,ER -NO –WELCOME TO ENGLAND the land of the unfree the land of Discrimination,ignorance and greed,all thanks to you and the Scots,you don't like it TOUGH S**T,now you know what English patients have to suffer everyday-get over it.

Prescription costs in Wales were frozen in 2001 and it is the assembly government's policy to make them free by 2007.

But only prescriptions from doctors registered with Welsh health boards are eligible for reduced charges.

This means people living on the Welsh border and registered with a doctor in England have to pay English charges.

Councillor Bob Wilcox told the BBC News website how villagers felt they were being penalised.

"We live in Wales but our doctor is based in Herefordshire in England," he said.

because it is an English registered practice it means when we go to Abergavenny to get our prescriptions we have to pay £6.65 instead of £3 if our doctor was registered in Wales

So the boot is on the other foot and it doesn't feel very nice does it,


Waitrose Show Their Metal

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An nice little story from the Daily Mail today about how Scottish Ministers are crying because Waitrose had the balls to point out none of it's eggs or chickens came from Scotland,oh boo hoo,go cry your eyes out somewhere else,to someone who cares.

 Mr Finnie attacked as "irresponsible" the Waitrose supermarket chain's statement that none of its poultry or eggs came from Scotland.
waitrose story.jpg

Isn't it comforting to know that all it takes is someone to say unlike popular opinion,the World doesn't revolve around Scotland,to have the poor downtrodden Raj blubbing in their soup,and saying everyones beastly and irresponsible,yet the silence is genuinely deafening with the contrasting blanket refusal for retailers to find English produce for sale,yet who is complaining for US and by US I mean the English,there is NO English Minister,no Executive,no Parliament,no English Machine to stand up for our rights,so pardon me for not shedding one tear over their H5N1 problems.

When someone finally says Supermarkets are irresponsible for not buying English produce then I will care.


Deadly H5N1 Virus Found in Raj Heartland(Scotland)

April 6, 2006 at 2:12 pm | Posted in H5N1 bird flu virus, Health related, Scotland | Leave a comment

So the unprepared Raj have finally been stung by the H5N1 Bird Flu according to Sky News today.

READ IT HERE,,30000-13517643,00.html

What now for us(the English)over the border in the Raj Colonys ? 

The EveryMan Mens Cancer Campaign

March 27, 2006 at 1:19 pm | Posted in Equal opportunities, Health related, Mens Cancer | Leave a comment

Today I noticed ASDA have finally pulled their finger out actually supporting a Mens Cancer issue for once.

Click on the leaflet link to read the Everyman info

asda everyman campaign.jpg

This is one of MY OWN personal Campaigns,that Men's health in the scheme of things does not even come second or third or fourth,it
comes way down on the list of priorities to health providers,charity fundraising
and in the wider public perception of what cancer is outside of Breast
Cancer,and most noticeably the fact that The Everyman Campaign IS FOR MEN not Women !!!.

The public profile of Male focused health issues is small, for me way too small but Testicular and Prostate Cancer needs your support whether you are a Man or a Women,Cancer irrespective of gender needs beating.





So over the next few days checkout your local retailers for the Everyman Cancer Campaign info,if you can't find it ASK WHY ?.

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