Holiday Burnout

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I am on holiday for two weeks,will come back then,THANKYOU


Doesn’t Scotland or Wales get weather then?

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According to those wordmeisters at the BBC- ONLY ENGLAND is hot today?

Does that mean this heatwave skillfully stopped dead at the borders or WHAT?

Does Scotland or Wales not get weather?,it would appear not,whilst England has been melting,one can only assume they are in their thermals,shovelling coal on to the fire,the room lit by a single candle,dickens style.

YET in contrast,according to the BBC video it is BRITAIN baking in the sunshine,SO WHICH IS IT,if only England is hot,then it has nothing to do with Britain!,if all of Britain is hot then it is NOT JUST ENGLAND.

Wordmeisters do you know where you are?

how can a heatwave stop dead at the Welsh and Scottish border? 

Postcards from Denmark

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So last night I returned to Rajistan from the land of free speech and wall to wall blonde babes.

Whilst I am used to World travel,my hotel,which in isolation was just fine was surrounded by adult bars and sex shops of the most blatant kind imaginable.

One bar was so blatant I had to take a picture.

who in Gods name calls a bar that.JPG

Advertising,in the norm would not make me double take,but Pepsi must have been on something when this came out.

pepsi madx.JPG

What were they thinking?,this ad would be banned in two seconds in England.

Plus a Holiday to Denmark wouldn't be complete without some crybaby moaning.

It wouldnt be a holiday without this.JPG

Shame about the spelling though DOH.

We did get a picture of the Mermaid,so all was well,and they all lived happily ever after.

The Mermaid.JPG

Denmark Holiday

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We are off today to Copenhagen,Denmark,so will be back in a few days.


Webshots and Virtual

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So-you me and the dog use the net for many things,blogging is but a piece of the whole pie

I am keen on photography and have used for several years now and can recommend it completely for photography types.

For those of us who like our holidays,checking up on real person reviews of hotels,and just about anything for your chosen destination,I really like and would again recommend it to anyone who likes a no nonsense opinion,to use it.

The views contained in this post are purely personal.

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