Austria’s Women’s Minister goes on Man hate crusade

May 9, 2006 at 4:23 pm | Posted in Equal opportunities, general, personal opinion | Leave a comment

Austria's national anthem is sexist and must be revised, the country's right wing women's minister has declared.

According to a wacked out feminist,- Austria’s Minister for Women Maria Rauch-Kallat objects to the anthem's description of Austria as a "fatherland" which is home to "great sons". She proposes several changes.

And according to she wants men purged from national anthems.

IN A move that spells trouble for half of Europe’s national anthems, Austria’s Minister for Women’s Affairs has demanded wholesale changes to her country’s paean to purge it of sexist references.

Mentions of the “fatherland”, “great sons” and “brotherly choruses” should be replaced by gender-neutral terms such as “homeland” and “joyful chorus”, said Maria Rauch-Kallat, whose quest stands a fair chance of success.

Austria's National Anthem was written BY A WOMEN.
So some mouthpiece for dotty ideas is crying about gender specific phrases and ideology!.

So miss Hitler how about those ever so not sexist terms and phrases that are Women centred ?.
Examples such as Motherland, Mother Earth, calling vehicles and boats she and her, The oh so not sexist Women’s institute, Women’s hour on the radio, Women’s Ministers where there is no Male equivalent, Women only library time, Women only swimming lessons, Women only Gym’s, Women only insurance,terms such as the Sisterhood,

So Women are so hard done by,DON’T THINK SO LUV !.

Wake up and smell the inequality against MEN


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